Chinese, American militaries hold HA/DR academic discussion in Kunming

Editor:Zhang Tao
Posted November 14, 2016

BEIJING, Nov. 14 (ChinaMil) — The United Nations Staff Officers Course, jointly hosted by the Chinese Defense Ministry’s Peacekeeping Affairs Office and Peacekeeping Center, kicked off in Beijing on November 14.

A total of 39 officers from 22 countries including China, Sweden, Pakistan, New Zealand and Mexico, participated in the course. leading officials of the Chinese Defense Ministry’s Peacekeeping Affairs Office and coordinators at the UN China Office attended the kickoff ceremony.

The course is a concrete step to deliver on the commitment to the international community made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 2015 UN Peacekeeping Summit.

In 2016, the Peacekeeping Affairs Office and Peacekeeping Center under China’s Defense Ministry have held a series of UN peacekeeping operations training courses for high-level officials of UN peacekeeping missions, female officers, military observers and staff officers.

According to UN standard peacekeeping training outline, the two-week-long course consists of three modules, namely basic theories, staff business and simulated exercises, covering 18 subjects, including basic peacekeeping principles, international law and human right protection, code of conduct for peacekeepers, organizational and planning procedures for the UN peacekeeping missions, crisis management and so forth.

The simulated exercise will be conducted in 28 subjects, including the UN Secretary-General’s strategy planning, supervision of the implementation of peace treaties, combat conception in mission areas, and management of logistics materials.

At present, the UN has assigned over 1,800 military observers and staff officers to 16 peacekeeping mission areas, including 93 from China, who are distributed in 9 mission areas.

China ranks the second in the list of the UN peacekeeping operations’ donor countries and tops the other four permanent member of the UN Security Council in the total number of peacekeepers they have contributed.

So far the Chinese military has participated in 24 UN peacekeeping operations with more than 30,000 person times accumulatively, and about 2,500 peacekeeping troops from China are currently deployed in 9 UN mission areas.
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