Author: Carter Stoddard

Posted: 05/12/2016

A post-Brexit Britain could become a haven for international criminals, a high-ranking police officer told the Guardian in an interview published Monday.

The chief constable of the Northumbria police, Steve Ashman, said he feared U.K. law enforcement authorities would lose the ability to apply for European arrest warrants, which have been used to extradite hundreds of criminals into and out of other EU countries, after Britain left the bloc.

“I think if you lose the ability to extradite people effectively then one might also argue that that’s going to make us quite attractive to a particular criminal group,” Ashman said, adding that British police needed an “effective and efficient” way of dealing with foreign criminals.

The police chief also said losing access to surveillance and information-sharing systems from Britain’s EU counterparts would be problematic.

Asked whether there were any policing benefits from Brexit, Ashman paused for 18 seconds, then said: “There’s your answer,” the Guardian reported.

Source: article/police-chief-brexit- may-attract-criminals-to-uk/