Author: Gong Zhe

Posted on: CGTN | January 11th, 2017



China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier formation has conducted military drills in multiple areas of China’s waters, the first time the formation has demonstrated its power to the people it’s protecting.

J-15 fighter jets took off from the carrier, and launched missiles to destroy the intended targets during the practice, according to articles on, the official news website of People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Yu Zhong, Director of Military Training in the Chinese Navy’s Political Department, made the following comments in an interview with CCTV Mandarin:

«Combat capacity of this aircraft carrier formation has reached a higher level.»

Footage obtained by CCTV Mandarin shows a fighter jet flying at a very low altitude — seemingly only meters away from the sea’s surface.

«Successfully performing such a dangerous action signified that this pilot has already mastered control of his aircraft,» Senior Colonel Du Wenlong, researcher at PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences, said after watching the footage.

«It’s a historical breakthrough for the pilots to shift from ‘able to fly’ to ‘able to fight'» in just four years, Du added.

There is also an interesting detail in the footage: a handwritten English sentence «Shoot them!» on a pilot’s helmet.

«I wrote this to cheer myself, and that missile, hoping it could hit the target as planned,» said the pilot Xu Ying.

Liaoning is the Chinese Navy’s first aircraft carrier. There’s no example for the supporting teams to learn from. Every workflow on the carrier was designed by the crew members, and carried out by the same people. It took them years to optimize some of the processes.

From a half-built shell, to an aircraft carrier that can be actually deployed in combat, China is realizing another miracle in its military history.



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