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February 11th,2017



US President Donald Trump shifted to honor the one-China policy during a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday.

Trump said he fully understands the high significance of the US government’s pursuit of the one-China policy, adding that the US government adheres to the one-China policy, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday.

Xi said he appreciated Trump’s stressing that the US government adheres to the one-China policy, adding that the policy is the political basis of China-US relations.

A White House statement said the leaders had a lengthy phone conversation and described the call as «extremely cordial.»

Xi thanked Trump for sending a letter Wednesday to extend his holiday greetings to the Chinese people, who are celebrating the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rooster – and the upcoming Lantern Festival that falls on Saturday.

«The two great powers have finally returned to agree with the most basic foundations for their diplomatic ties,» Ni Feng, deputy director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said on Friday.

In the Shanghai Communiqué, a major achievement of former US president Richard Nixon’s ice-breaking visit to China in 1972, the US side acknowledges that there is only one China and that Taiwan is a part of China.

China and the US have maintained close communication on issues of common concern since Trump’s inauguration, Xi noted, saying that the necessity and urgency of strengthening China-US cooperation is further increased in the face of the current complicated international situation and various challenges.

The two leaders also agreed to maintain close contact to exchange opinions on issues of common concern in a timely manner. Both of them expressed their eagerness to hold a meeting at an early date.

China will work with the US to enhance communication and cooperation so that bilateral ties can advance in a sound and stable manner and yield more fruits to benefit the two peoples and people of all countries in the world, Xi was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

China is committed to coexisting peacefully with other countries in the world, as well as conducting win-win cooperation with them, Xi said.

The Chinese president noted that China will strengthen coordination and communication with the US in international and regional affairs to jointly safeguard world peace and stability.

Trump said he was glad to talk over the phone with Xi, adding that it is very important for both countries to maintain high-level communication.

Trump expressed his satisfaction with the close communication the two sides have maintained since he took office and his admiration toward the Chinese people for the historic accomplishment they have achieved in developing their country.

The US is committed to enhancing win-win cooperation with China in economy, trade, investment and international affairs, Trump was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

Experts agreed that the phone call, which reaffirmed the cornerstone of the Sino-US ties, would have a positive impact on the bilateral relations, but expect possible conflicts over less critical aspects of the ties, such as trade and military security.

The development of China and the US can complement each other and promote each other, and the two countries are totally capable of becoming good cooperative partners, said the Chinese president.

Xi said that building a sound China-US relationship is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples, and it is also the responsibility that China and the US need to assume as the world’s major countries.

Xi said he greatly appreciated Trump’s willingness to expand China-US cooperation and develop a constructive bilateral relationship that will benefit the two countries and the international community.

Meanwhile, China hoped that the US could properly handle issues regarding Taiwan, so that the overall cooperation between the two countries is not affected, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told a daily briefing on Friday.

The long-term, sound and stable development of China-US relations not only serves the fundamental interest of the two peoples but also chimes with the aspiration of the international community, said Lu.

China is ready to boost mutually beneficial cooperation with the US in various fields such as trade, investment and infrastructure, Xi said.



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