Author: Dang Zheng

Posted on: CGTN | February 18th, 2017



China on Friday urged a resumption of six-party talks with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Pyongyang’s nuclear program, saying a «negative cycle» of nuclear missile tests followed by sanctions must end.

«Today, what we see is nuclear test, sanction, nuclear test and then sanction again,» Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the Munich Security Conference.

Wang’s comments came a week after the DPRK said it successfully tested its latest missile. The South Korean Defense Ministry said the missile was launched near the western city of Kusong and flew east about 500 kilometers before falling into the Sea of Japan.

Wang stressed that UN Security Council resolutions -including sanctions – against Pyongyang should be fully implemented.

But he urged concerned parties to stop taking actions that provoke tension. «We cannot give up on seeking a resumption of talks… We hope and call on all parties to stop taking any action that would provoke tensions,» he said.

«This negative cycle should not continue. Because the ultimate end result could be something that no one can bear. It’s a situation where everyone loses,» he said. «We should work to bring the parties back to the table.»

The DPRK quit the nuclear talks aimed at curbing its nuclear weapons program in 2009, and soon afterwards carried out its second atomic test.

The talks are hosted by China, and also include South Korea, the United States, Russia, and Japan.

Earlier on Friday, Wang used his first meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss the DPRK nuclear issue.



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