Posted on : February 19, 2017



Arab States have reportedly warned Hezbollah that Israel will «respond harshly,» to any attacks against it, a senior Arab official told the London-based Lebanese newspaper Al Hayat on Sunday. This warning comes closely after Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah spoke out against Israel on Thursday, threatening a missile strike on the Dimona nuclear reactor, an unprecedented threat in the struggle between Israel and the terror organization.

According to the source, Israel would issue a harsh military response against the Lebanese organization if Hezbollah makes any military moves, even into Syria from Lebanon. They mentioned that Israel is closely following Hezbollah’s armament and movements in Syria and Lebanon, including its presence in various areas of Syria that could be seen as a threat to Israel.

The source explained that this warning was issued from Israel to Nasrallah via an Arab official because it is «serious and indicates the Netanyahu government’s readiness to strike targets within the organization and within Lebanese territory, since Hezbollah has received the backing of the Lebanese government, which is what prompted Nasrallah to increase his threats.»

With the warning, Netanyahu has established his ability to react against Hezbollah. This ability is strengthened by Israel’s regional backing and the support of US President Donald trump, which is greater than that of his predecessor, Barack Obama. The source also speculated that Netanyahu’s intention is apparently to receive the full support of the Gulf States and other countries in the region who have defined Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, and who are concerned about its presence in Syria.

The source also said that Israel considers the Lebanese government responsible for Hezbollah’s actions, including Lebanese President Michel Aoun, as he provided arms to Hezbollah, which makes the Lebanese army a legitimate target of the IDF should a war break out.

Sources said that Israel is waiting for the right time to attack Hezbollah, based on the statements of Israeli officials and the Israeli media’s focus on the Shi’ite organization. According to the same sources, Israel wants Hezbollah to exhaust itself in Syria so that it would in turn become vulnerable to attack.



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