Posted on March 6, 2017




US President Donald Trump called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday evening for a conversation that, according to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), dealt at length with the Iranian threat.

The conversation came some three weeks after Netanyahu and Trump met in Washington. The call reportedly came while Netanyahu was, for the fourth time, being questioned by police regarding two cases under investigation.

According to a brief readout of the conversation provided by the PMO, the two men spoke at length about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its aggressiveness in the region, and “about the need to work together to deal with these dangers.”

Netanyahu is scheduled to go to Russia on Thursday to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin Israel’s concerns that the Iranians are attempting to permanently establish themselves in Syria as a new order begins to take shape there.

According to the PMO’s readout, Netanyahu also expressed his appreciation for Trump’s strong condemnation of anti-Semitism during his speech last week to Congress.




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