Source: TASS

Posted : March 14, 2017


There are no Russian special forces in Egypt, spokesman for Russia’s Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said on March 14.


The news agency Reuters reported earlier, citing diplomatic sources that Russia appeared to have deployed a 22-member Russian special forces unit to an airbase at Sidi Barrani in western Egypt near the border with Libya.


The agency’s sources also claimed that Russia had used another Egyptian base farther east in Marsa Matrouh in early February.


«There are no Russian special operations units in Sidi Barrani [the Arab Republic of Egypt],» the spokesman said.


«Western media outlets have been stirring up the public with such info leaks from anonymous sources already not for the first year. Such ‘insights’ especially frequently visit anonymous sources in Ukraine and the Baltic states. And the words by Reuters about the U.S. intelligence services, citing the same source saying that ‘the U.S. intelligence on Russian military activities is often complicated by its use of contractors or forces without uniforms’ look especially silly and indecent,» the spokesman said.


Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin has no information on the alleged deployment of Russian forces and unmanned aerial vehicles in Egypt near the border with Libya.





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