Package containing explosive material discovered in German Finance Ministry

Posted: 15/3/2017
An employee at the German Finance Ministry’s postal delivery room discovered the package containing explosives on Wednesday morning.
Explosive experts from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) were called to immediately seize the package. It was then taken to a detonation site in Grunewald, located just to the southwest of Berlin, where it was destroyed in a controlled explosion.
The BKA confirmed that it had been filled with a mixture of low-grade explosives, similar to those found in fire crackers. Police also reported that the mixture is often used in pyrotechnics and could have caused serious injuries, had the package been opened.
Officials declined to confirm that the package was addressed to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, as reported in German media.
A police spokesman also refused to provide any details as to who may have sent the package, citing an ongoing investigation.
The ministry has so far declined to comment.