Posted on March 18, 2017




An alleged financier of the terrorist group Hezbollah was arrested in Morocco Thursday at the behest of US authorities, according to South African online publication News 24.

Lebanese businessman Kassim Tajeddine was reportedly detained in Casablanca on Sunday while on his way from Guinea to Beirut, his lawyer said in a brief statement.

“We now know there is an extradition order from the US authorities,” the lawyer added.

According to News 24, US Treasury officials believe Tajeddine is “an important financial contributor to Hezbollah,” being listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist since 2009.

The US Treasury Department claims that Tajeddine, through a multinational business venture, used a money laundering scheme to funnel cash to the Shi’ite militant organization.

Hezbollah, which remains a designated terrorist organization in the US, has representation in Lebanon’s parliament and Cabinet.

It is also an ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is accused of numerous war crimes and human rights abuses during a civil conflict that has seen over 400,000 killed over the last five years, according to the UN.




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