China voices opposition to Japanese official’s Taiwan visit 

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Posted on: ANI, Tuesday, March 28th, 2017




China has expressed firm opposition and lodged representations over a Japanese official’s visit to Taiwan saying the visit breaches the commitment made by Tokyo to interacting with Taiwan only at non-governmental level.


“An incumbent senior vice minister visiting Taiwan obviously breaches the commitment made by Japan to interacting with Taiwan only at non-governmental and local levels and seriously counters the spirit of the four political documents between China and Japan,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a press briefing.


According to a Kyodo News report, Japanese Senior Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Jiro Akama visited Taiwan on Saturday, becoming the highest-level Japanese government official to visit the island in an official capacity since 1972.


“The Taiwan question is a major matter of principle concerning the political foundation of China-Japan relations. China is firmly opposed to the visit and has lodged serious representations with Japan,” she added.


The spokesperson further noted that since earlier this year, Japan has repeatedly taken provocative actions with regard to the Taiwan question while it has verbally promised to honor its commitment saying this has already caused grave disturbances to the improvement of China-Japan relations.


Warning that Japan should be aware of the consequences, she urged Tokyo to “stop its duplicity approach to Taiwan-related issues and not go further down the wrong path.” (ANI)


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