Author : TASS

Posted : April 22, 2017




Repairing with simultaneous modernization of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier is due to begin in September at a plant near Murmansk, and the cost will make almost 40 billion rubles, a source at the defense industry told TASS on April 22.


«In September, Zvezdochka will sign with the fleet a contract for the second stage of the repairing with modernization of the Admiral Kuznetsov,» the source said.


«The deal’s cost is agreed now – it is almost 40 billion rubles. The work will begin in that month at the 35th shipyard in Roslyakovo near Murmansk.» The works are planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020, the source added.


According to the source, the aircraft carrier after repairing and modernization will be equipped with the Kalibr missile complex, replacing Granit.


«During the repairing and modernization, the aircraft carrier’s Granit complex will be replaced with the Kalibr-NK complex,» the source said, adding the unique vertical launch system of the Kalibr-NK-3S14 complex are unified to launch Onyx and Circon sypersonic missiles. TASS does not have official confirmation of this information.




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