By: Sputnik News

Posted : 2.5.2017




Russian Defense Ministry has dismissed a report issued by western experts from the Human Rights Watch on the alleged use of a Soviet-era chemical bomb in Syria as a «fairy tale.»

The Ministry of Defense slammed the allegations, pointing out that there has been no concrete evidence to support the claims that chemical weapons had been used during the attack.

«Today marks precisely one month since the incident in Syrian Khan Shaykhun, where chemical weapons were allegedly used. However, neither US representatives nor the UK and France that roared about the ‘chemical attack’ cannot present any concrete [evidence] to the public or the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Only rumors and speculations based on social media data, which have been refuted by experts,» the statement issued by Russia’s Ministry of Defense said.

Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the Soviet-era KhAB-250 bomb which, according to the HRW report, had allegedly been used in Syria, was never designed to contain any sarin nerve gas.

In the statement, the Defense Ministry pointed out the discrepancies in the report: «The KhAB-250 bomb have never been exported and were dismantled long time ago.»

HRW presented a photo of mock-up of KhAB-250 ammunition from the Russian Armed Forces museum in Moscow as a definite ‘proof’ of this bomb being used in Syria, the statement said.

The Ministry pointed out that the Soviet-era KhAB-250 bomb does not have a filler port with safety caps. «Once militants found out that the OPCWexperts were coming, they immediately filled the shell crater from the alleged chemical weapon blast with concrete,» the statement said.

Only a special mission of experts could help establish an objective picture of what had happened in Syria’s Khan Shaykhun on April 4, Russian Defense Ministry concluded.




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