Posted on May 7, 2017


Education Minister Naftali Bennett came out against the two-state solution, presenting his alternative plan at The Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on Sunday.
“Everyone is talking about the deal, the ultimate deal,” Bennett said, referring to US President Donald Trump’s comments on peace between Israel and the Palestinians. “When we talk about the deal, we need to talk about the read deal.”
Bennett said that he wants peace, and “the left-wing doesn’t have a monopoly on peace, just like the right-wing doesn’t have a monopoly on patriotism.”
However, he took issue with the left-wing’s idea of how to achieve that – the two-state solution – and gave several reasons why.
First, Bennett called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “an ardent anti-Semite,” discussing how Palestinian institutions are named after terrorists and the schools educate children to hate Israel and Jews.
In addition, the Bayit Yehudi leader said, “there is a full-blown Palestinian state in Gaza…We pulled out all the Jews, we pulled out the army…we handed over the keys to whom? To the PA, to [Abbas]. What we got was war, missiles, and condemnation from the world when we did what they asked us to do” by fully pulling out of Gaza.
Bennett also discussed the refugee issue, recounting how Israel absorbed 750,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, but Arab states refused to absorb Palestinian refugees.
The minister warned that “a Palestinian state would flood Israel with refugees.”
Bennett also emphasized Israel’s history and right to the Land of Israel.
“The Jews are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel,” he stated. “I don’t know why we omit that.”
The minister pointed out that Jews have been praying to return to Jerusalem three times a day for millennia, and say “if I forget thee O Jerusalem” at every wedding. He posited that Israelis will never agree to divide Jerusalem.
After saying no to a Palestinian state, Bennett went over the details of his plan for the future of the West Bank, in which Israel would annex Area C, and, along with the international community, would invest massively in the Palestinian economy and infrastructure to bring peace.
“What we need is a new Marshall Plan – or, if you will, a Trump Plan – that would include massive entrepreneurship. That’s our secret in Israel,” Bennett said. “That’s how we can have peace, if we focus on it.”



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