Posted: 15/5/17

Talks on forming a coalition government in the Netherlands have collapsed, the official in charge of exploring possible governing alliances said Monday.

“Dear friends, it did not work,” said Edith Schippers, the so-called informateur said at a press conference. “The substantive differences proved too great,” she said.

chippers said the four political parties involved could not come to an agreement over migration, saying the issue proved to have “too high a threshold.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the failure of the talks was “unfortunate.”

The potential coalition would have included Rutte’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Christian Democrats as well as the liberal D66 party and the Green Left.

Green Left leader Jesse Klaver said: “I’m not going to work out who was on which side of the gap in migration. I’d love to form a government, unfortunately it did not work. This round is over, we will now see how we go.”

While the VVD was the winner in an election in March, picking up 33 seats, it fell way short of the 76 seats required to form a government.

The VVD must now consider other combinations.

Far-right leader Geert Wilders, who finished second with 20 seats, said the failure of the talks was “good news,” and that his Party for Freedom (PVV) was available for coalition talks.

Most political parties promised not to enter a coalition with the PVV during the campaign.