By : Sputnik News

Posted : 24.5.2017




The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has uncovered a number of secret chats in the Telegram messenger, a platform used by international terrorist groups for communication after a range of operational activities, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov said Wednesday.

BISHKEK (Sputnik) — The FSB director added that 10 terrorists of Central Asian origin were detained, while the search operation for other alleged cell members was underway.

«As a result, the information about specific terrorists, criminal ties in Russia and Central Asian countries, means of communication used by them was received, as well as plans, intentions and the likely places of their stay were revealed,» Bortnikov said at a session with Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) member states’ security and special services.

The FSB chief pointed out that a number of terrorist cells had been recently identified and eliminated as a result of close cooperation between the intelligence services of CIS member states.

«The Daesh [terrorist group, banned in Russia] sabotage-terrorist cell that planned terrorist attacks in the crowded places with the use of automatic weapons and improvised explosive devices was liquidated in Russia,» Bortnikov said.

Bortnikov said that media outlets and representatives of traditional Islam had been playing an important role in prevention of extremist propaganda among the believers.

Daesh actively uses the Internet and social networks to recruit members and spread extremist ideas. While numerous measures to block websites with extremist materials have already been taken, censoring such information which appear on social networks is much more difficult.




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