Posted on May 25, 2017




Hamas urged Palestinians in the West Bank to participate in a day of rage on Friday to support hunger strikers in Israeli prisons.
“Hamas calls on our people to spark clashes with the Israeli occupation in a day of rage,” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday night.
Hundreds of mainly Fatah-affiliated prisoners have been hunger-striking for 39 days. A handful of Hamas-affiliated prisoners are participating in the strike as well.
The hunger strikers are demanding that the Israel Prison Service end solitary confinement and detention without trial, increase visitation rights and improve amenities. The IPS says that its treatment of prisoners meets international standards.
Since the start of the hunger strike, many groups have sponsored days of rage.
Fatah sponsored the largest day of rage on April 28 when a couple thousand Palestinians clashed with the IDF at friction points all around the West Bank.
In the past week, Palestinian officials including General Intelligence Chief Majid Faraj, Preventative Security Chief Ziad Hab al-Rih, and Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh along with Israeli officials have been negotiating a possible deal to end the hunger strike.
“There are talks, but the hunger strikers themselves are the only ones who can decide to end their strikes,” said Akram Ayasa, a spokesperson for the PLO Prisoners’ Commission.



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