Expulsion of Russian diplomats targeting President Dodon, says senior diplomat 

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By : Tass News Agency

Posted : 29.5.2017




MOSCOW, May 29./TASS/. Moldovan government’s decision to expel five Russian diplomats from the country is a blow to positions of President Igor Dodon, and the response will be adequate and rather tough, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told TASS on Monday.

«We will or course think over the reaction, it will be adequate and rather tough,» said State Secretary Karasin.

«We unequivocally consider the decision itself as a well-thought-of blow to the policy to bolster relations between Chisinau and Moscow, including to positions of Moldovan President Igor Dodon,» he said.



Read More: http://tass.com/politics/948372



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