By : Tass News Agency

Posted : 30.5.2017




PARIS, May 30./TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West against «inventing mythical Russian threats,» urging cooperation on all levels instead.

«There is only one prospect – cooperation on all directions, including security interaction,» Putin said in an interview with Le Figaro.

«There is no need to heat up any tensions, invent mythical Russian threats, some ‘hybrid wars’. You first virtualized them yourselves and now you scare yourselves,» the president said.

He said terrorism is the focal problem nowadays.

«We see blasts in Europe, blasts in Paris, blasts in Russia, and in Belgium, a war is underway in the Middle East. This is what we must think of, while all are speculating about what hazards Russia is creating,» Putin stressed.




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