Author: Jennifer Delony
Posted on: Renewable Energy World | February 23rd, 2018


New York is preparing an environmental baseline that it will use to support the state’s offshore wind plans.
The New York Department of Public Service (DPS) approved the release of a draft generic environmental impact statement (GEIS) for public comment, according to a webcast of a Feb. 22 commission meeting.
The draft GEIS would be used to govern the citing of projects approved under the state’s plan to procure 2.4 GW of offshore wind.
Public comments will be accepted until April 9.
Commission staff will review comments and make any necessary amendments to the draft GEIS and then the draft will go to the commission for future action.
In approving the DGEIS for public comment, DPS Chair John Rhodes, said:
“Moving forward to enable offshore wind that is appropriately sited and in careful consideration of environmental impacts is critical to achieving the state’s vital clean energy goals. This DGEIS is based on a comprehensive set of environmental technical studies all carefully done and clearly ready to be approved.”
Commissioner Gregg Sayre supported the DGEIS and said he is optimistic about offshore wind for New York.
“Getting a supply chain up and running is certainly going to take a jump start, but I’m optimistic that we can get to the future with clean, affordable offshore wind energy, with minimal environmental impacts,” he said.

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