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Posted on: Deutsche Welle | May 15th, 2018

Funerals for many of the 58 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire during the Gaza border protest will be held on Tuesday. Several countries, although not the US, have condemned Israel’s violent response.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for three days of mourning as Gaza residents prepared to bury those killed in Monday’s violence along the border with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority also called a general strike in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in protest at Gaza’s bloodiest day in years, which saw 58 Palestinians killed — most of them shot dead by Israeli fire — and more than 2,700 people injured, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

The killings took place during a huge protest by more than 40,000 Palestinians at a dozen sites on the border between Gaza and Israel.

Embassy move stirs outrage

A spokesman for the Turkish government has condemned the «massacre» and accused the United States of having «Palestinian blood on its hands.» He also said Turkey will lower its flags to half-mast to mark the three days of mourning in the Palestinian territories.

The huge outpouring of anger on Monday was timed to mark the inauguration of the new US embassy, which has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — East Jerusalem is where the Palestinians plan to locate the capital of their future state.

There was confusion over whether further protests were planned for Tuesday in retaliation for Israel’s violent crackdown, which the Israeli military said was defensive action to prevent Palestinians breaking through the border barrier.

Khaled Batch, the head of the grassroots organizing committee of the protests, said Tuesday will be a day for funerals.

Israeli media reported some tents where protesters have been gathering have been taken down at the border.

Other sources said further protests were likely in the West Bank.

Tuesday is what Palestinians call their «nakba» anniversary, or catastrophe marking the creation of Israel 70 years ago.

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